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Society deems it’s completely acceptable for a grown woman to have stuffed animals… but what do you do if it’s your grown man with the fuzzy collection?

My boyfriend has about two dozen stuffed animals. They are, apparently, the survivors of a childhood collection once numbering over 100.
When asked, he can explain the individual reason for each one he saved. (Invariably it was a gift from so-and-so, a group of people that includes family and friends but no exes.)
Most of them are kept on a shelf in his closet, but one has a place of honor on his bed.
Part of me feels like it shouldn’t be any big deal—after all, I went to college with a teddy bear, who currently resides on my nightstand.
But part of me keeps fixating on the fact that he’s a man in his 20s with two dozen stuffed animals, which is hardly the norm.
Is this a cause for concern, or should I let it go?​

What do you think? Is owing stuffed animals as an adult a double standard? Should she let it go?

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