MJ Eats Things: My 7 Favorite Dishes this Week

I like to eat things.  Doesn’t matter if they are healthy or not.  I just eat em. Deliciousness is the main criteria for what I shove into my face.

Here’s a fun sampling of tasty things I’ve eaten recently:

1. Sausage Gnocci

gnocci Fri 10 24 14

This is a sausage gnocci that my wife made.  Fresh basil and fresh romano-pecorino cheese adorn this delicious dish.  It was so good, I did the dishes all by myself after this dinner.

2. Roast Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Chx Sweet Potatoes Sat 10 25 14

This was a whole chicken that my wife roasted.  It’s a rosemary/garlic rub.  We purchase the chicken (and cook it) in parts cause it gets crispier that way.  The sweet potatoes (with brown sugar and butter) are my grandma’s recipe

3. Steak

Steak Sun Oct 26

Sunday.  Steak.  I am the Grill Master.  ‘Nuff said.

4. Sapa Sushi

Sapa Mon 10 27 14

Lunch on Monday at Sapa.  I think this was the sunset roll.

5. Teryaki Salmon

Teryaki Salmon Mon 10 27 14

We usually rock “Seafood Monday” at my house.  Broiled teryaki salmon, yum.

6. Chicken Tacos

Chx Taco Tue 10 28 14

Taco Tuesday.  These are chicken tacos.

7. Captain Crunch

PB Capt Crunch Wed Oct 29 14

Wednesday morning I had peanut-butter Captain Crunch for breakfast.

If you want to know any of these recipes, or from what restaurant I ate at- lemme know!


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