Man Panel Survey – October 30, 2014

Bethany just received some new, and somewhat disturbing information about her boyfriend:

My boyfriend of a year just asked me to  move in with him. I was nervous about it, but also really excited. This is the first time I’ve ever lived with a boyfriend.
I knew he was a geek, he’s big into Star Wars, and Comics. What I didn’t know was just how much crap he has!
He has a storage locker FULL of Star Wars junk. Turns out he’s spent a small fortune on this stuff, and it’s a big part of his life.
I don’t want to judge him for his hobbies, but I’m really overwhelmed by this new information.
Why am I just now finding out about this? He didn’t lie to me,  but he certainly wasn’t honest about his hobby. 
Now I’m concerned that this it all too much for me, and maybe I shouldn’t move in just yet.
Am I blowing this out of proportion? Or am I right be concerned that his “hobby” is borderline obsessive?
Bethany, 24
What do you think? Should someones hobby be a deal breaker in a relationship?
Take the survey:

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The man panel will weigh in on this and other topics tomorrow at 8:00 am!
If you have a question for the man panel, submit it here, or call 855-649-1079 during the panel!


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