MJ’s Journey to Better Health – Week 1

Okay so we’ve started a weight loss competition here at Broadway Media. 

It’s based on body fat percentage, and I’m against a bunch of other radio people from our sister stations (X96, U92, etc.).  It’s a 4-month competition!  So I feel like it’s really about making better choices, and those becoming habits.  Not just a crash-course to lose weight for a few weeks.

I think I’m like a lot of people- I’m not out to be an Olympiad or anything athletically monumental.  Rather, I just want to walk up two flights of stairs without being winded.  Both my kids are under 10, and I want to be around for them. 

So I’m going to start going to Planet Fitness (owned by the same peeps that own Broadway Media).  My membership starts there on Monday (2/16).   So far that’s all I have for a workout plan.  I’m a pretty lazy person.  I’ve exercised and gotten in shape before.  I remember how much more energy I had and how much better my body felt.  But on top of being lazy- I love food.

And I don’t use the words “food” or “love” lightly.  I can enjoy and hang at super nice, posh restaurants.  And I’m just as comfortable chowing down on fast food.  Search either #FatGuyLivin or #BuiltForDelicious on Instagram and you’ll see how serious I am about my love of food.  (Follow me on Insta: mj1079)

So the week before the weigh-in for this thing, I ate and ate and ate.  I went above and beyond my normal eating in hopes of gaining easy weight before the weigh-in.  I don’t care THAT much about my health, but I AM very competitive.

Crap I ate leading up to this:


Sweet Pork BBQ Nachos: Homemade and improvised by ME

My wife makes this Café Rio Sweet Pork (with Dr Pepper) in the crockpot.  I took the leftovers and turned them into nachos!  Who says I’m not an artist?!??

bday cake

2 types of birthday cake: Store bought probably? Who knows

It was my friend Dennis’ birthday.  Happy Birthday Dennis!


Buttermilk Pancakes: Café 50 West

I ordered these at a business meeting at Café 50 West, right below the Mix 1079 studios.  The hole in the upper left quardrant was made by my finger, to make sure these weren’t an illusion.  I was so focused on these delicious pancakes, no real business got accomplished.  Unless you count me getting full as business.


Lamb Shoulder with Sweet Potatoes and Beans: Mrs. MJ

My wife loves me, my wife knows me.  She is a GREAT cook and she knows how much I LOVE food.  We actually don’t eat too poorly at home.  I grilled these lamb shoulders that she prepared.  She baked sweet potatoes, and seared up these fresh spicy garlic beans.  It all tasted so good- it couldn’t have been healthy!!


Beehive Burger with SmashFries: SmashBurger Sugarhouse

It was so good.  How dare you judge me?  The soda was diet.  Oh that’s bad too?  Oh well.  You can see how much I care.


Popcorn, with lots of the artery clogging butter: Megaplex at Jordan Commons

What?  It was at the Mix 1079 premiere of 50 Shades of Grey.  The movie was so bad, I had to do something to keep from falling asleep!


So I love eating (healthy and not healthy).  I’m hoping the competitive me will overcome the gluttonous me over the next 4 months.

Here were my weigh-in stats:

(I’m 5’ 7”) 207 lbs.  27.3% body fat

I’ll spare you a “before” picture.  I start working out at Planet Fitness on Saturday.  Updates to follow…

As a regular guy just trying to get in better shape- I promise to show everything here- the good, the bad, and the delicious!

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