MJ’s Journey to Better Health – Week 3.5

I’m proud to say we are into Week 3 of this thing and I haven’t weighed myself.

The whole point of this thing is for me to BE healthier.  There is not an end-goal weight for me.  It’s just about living cleaner.  Exercising (at Planet Fitness) more, and eating smarter.

So I’m still taking it slow at Planet Fitness.  Just getting my heart rate up; doing about 3 miles a morning on the treadmill.  Oh and I usually spoil myself with 10 minutes in the massage chair at the end.  I am falling in love with their massage chairs.

As for the food, I’m still cheating sometimes.  But I really really make sure it’s worth it.

food truck donuts

Boston Crème Donuts: Art City Donut Food Truck Thursday at the Gallivan Center

These were totally worth it!

But I’m doing really good too!

chx almond butter satay

Chicken Almond-Butter Satay: Cooking Light Feb 2015

I tried this new recipe to rave reviews from the wife and kids.  The key was to marinate the chicken a long time

More semi-healthy fare.

shrimp fajitas

Jalapeno Cilantro Shrimp Quesadillas: Mrs. MJ

Fresh ingredients in this shrimp quesadillas, but I usually triple the amount of Monterrey-jack cheese it calls for.  Mrs. MJ still doubled it for me!!  Baby steps, right?

For the most part, Mrs. MJ sticks to “Meatless Mondays”

Salmon broccoli couscous

Broiled Salmon: Mrs. MJ

Salmon, garlic couscous, and broccoli with cheese

broiled veggies

Broiled Veggies: Mrs. MJ

We chop up a bunch of vegetables, drizzle with oil and vinegar plus seasoning, then broil.  So simple and soooo good!  We usually pair with meat off the grill.

I’m also still knocking back high-protein, sensible breakfasts

eggs n salsa

MJ’s Homemade Eggs w Hot Salsa: created and cooked by me


Lunches are hit and miss.  I’m a very emotional eater, so if I need a 45 min “getaway” in the middle of the day- I’ll usually choose poorly.


Gnocchi Pomodoro: Michelangelo Ristorante

Banks loves this place and some days I just can’t say “no”

But some days I do better.


Rare Beef and Meatball Pho: La-Cai Noodle House

And I’ve gotten better with my salads

harmons black bean salad

Black Bean Raspberry Vinagarette Salad: Harmon’s City Creek salad bar

I’ve ditched the meat for black beans in my lunch salads.  And I’m using less cheese.

But not fat-free cheese.  Because life is too short to stand for having to taste fat-free cheese.


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