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More Super Bowl Commercial Teasers

We are officially in Super Bowl month, and with that, we’ve got MORE commercials and teasers.

Here’s the latest:


A de-aged Kris Jenner makes a cameo for Oreo.  It goes through different moments in history, where people twist an Oreo to make decisions based on which cookie the cream is on.  It ends with Kris making the choice to create a reality series of her family’s life.


Stone Cold Steve Austin gets a mullet to promote the new Kawaski Ridge:  business in the front, party in the back.


A Denver Broncos fan opens his fridge to a singing bottle of Bud Light and is transported to the “best night ever” with Post Malone.


Jenna Ortega goes out in search of the new Doritos Dinamita.


Soccer star Lionel Messi shows off his skills on the beach, while Jason Sudeikis sips on a Michelob Ultra and second guesses joining in.


Vince Vaugh jokes that BetMGM is for everyone EXCEPT Tom Brady because he’s won too much.  Even Wayne Gretzky is allowed in


Miller Lite is running an interesting campaign, but they’re not doing a TV ad.  They’re going to pay 1,000 people to wear Miller Lite shirts and go outside and run during commercial breaks.  Rob Riggle got painted up like a beer can to promote it.


Here are some other ads/teasers that were released last week.

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