My Husband Spends More Time with His “Work Wife” Than with Me

At what point does a”work wife” become a mistress?

Do you know what a “work wife” or a “work husband” is? It’s basically someone of the opposite sex who you’re super close to.

My husband has known his “work wife” a lot longer than he’s known me. I’m not the jealous type, but something has been bothering me lately.

They spend a LOT of time together. They spend eight hours together at work, and then they go to happy hour. Sometimes they even see movies together on the weekend.

I did the math and figured out he’s spending more time with HER than he’s spending with me. It’s upsetting because in a weird way, I envy her and the amount of time she gets to spend with him.

Should I tell him I don’t want them to spend as much time together? Or would that seem jealous and paranoid?

Heidi, 41

How much time does your significant other spend with their work wife or husband? Does it bother you? Or do you like them and just not care?

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