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Random Acts of Kindness – Day 17

Today is…

I want YOU to be Happy Day

I Want You to be Happy Day is dedicated to making others happy. It is a day when selfish feelings are set aside in order to focus on others. It is a day for giving them compliments, but also for listening to and doing things for them. So many holidays focus inward and are about self-happiness. That is not the case today—today we focus on the happiness of others!
How to Observe I Want You to be Happy Day
Today we endeavor to make others happy. Setting aside any unselfish feelings we have, we focus on others first.
Although giving compliments and wishes of happiness is a good way to start, there is so much more that can be done.
Finding out what makes them happy and focusing on those things is important.
Being a good listener may be one of the best things you can do.
Phone calls, cards, and notes can put others in a happy mood, and baking them a treat or making them a meal can make them feel valued.
Paying it forward at a restaurant or a store can make someone you don’t even know happy.
On I Want You to be Happy Day, show your love, cheer others up, and spread happiness.

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