The Hand Gesture Kids Use Today To Pretend They’re On The Phone Is Making Older Generations Sob

If you want to know how old a person really is just ask them how they would gesture that they’re on the phone.

TikTok user @guesswho_718 discovered that if you’re a child from the ’70s, 80s or 90’s you probably hold your hand up to your phone in a phone receiver like gesture, however, if you’re born after the 90’s you have a very different way of signaling you’re on the phone.

If you ask someone born in the year 2000 or later they will hold their hand to their ear, fingers and thumb pressed solidly together. The new gesture has parents thinking of other things they do that kids now don’t understand.

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One mother says her son doesn’t understand why she says, ”hang up the phone.” Another mother had to explain why she made a circle motion to ask someone to roll down their window. If you can relate, we’re sorry but you’re getting old.

What is something you did back in the day that your children can’t understand?

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