“The Last Blockbuster” is the Only Account You Should Be Following on Twitter

Don’t call it a comeback. One Blockbuster store is still kicking around and it’s the greatest account on Twitter.

Nothing says “childhood” quite like the smell of VHS tapes and stale candy. Anyone born before the 2000’s remembers browsing their local Blockbuster store for hours trying to pick the perfect movie.

Though the video rental giant filed for bankruptcy in 2010, there were 10 Blockbusters still up and going in the US as of April (according to Business Insider).



And a twitter account claiming to be one of those stores is absolute FIRE 🔥

The Last Blockbuster has been tweeting store commentary since April 2016 and has a following of about a quarter million people. Why do so many people flock to this account? Here are just a few reasons.

They love Paul Rudd as much as the rest of us.


They will not rest until Super Ropes get the respect they deserve


They will put you on blast if you still have one of their videos

They’re not great at sharing…

…But they’re open to feedback

They’re super hip to pop culture references

Their hearts break just like ours

But mostly, they go above and beyond

Colleen, you’re a true American hero


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