The Most Amazing Holiday is the Most Forgotten

It’s in the air!

Halloween is officially over and everyone’s already starting to blast Christmas music from their car speakers. Stores are selling Santa figurines and your friends are sending you invites to their ugly sweater parties. Aren’t we forgetting something, though? How about one of the greatest celebrations of the year? The day when we all stuff our faces with amazing food!

Here are some of the most amazing things to get you excited for Thanksgiving:

1. Homemade Rolls

Rolls tend to be the forgotten gem in a Thanksgiving meal, but it wouldn’t be complete without them. Think of the dinner roll as your cousin that never actually talks at the table. You always forget that they’re there, but you couldn’t imagine the holidays without them.


2. Pie

Whether it’s pumpkin pie or chocolate pie, you can’t have a true Thanksgiving meal without one of the greatest desserts on the planet. Scientists say that on Thanksgiving the human body goes through a strange change where a second stomach actually grows rapidly next to your own, allowing you to eat 5 slices without bursting at the seams.


3. Football

It’s not really Thanksgiving until you hear your uncle yelling at a football game on the TV or your older brother tackling you into a pile of leaves as you try to weave past him to make the final touchdown in an actual football game…a backyard one. It’s one of the most American traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving and it’s a great way to bring the family together even more.


4. Mashed/Funeral Potatoes

Your mom probably has a special mashed potato recipe or she goes the traditional Utahn way with classic funeral potatoes that she learned how to make from the relief society president. Either way, you can’t go wrong with one of the most beautiful and delicious vegetables in the world.


5. Not Working

This is a definite bonus of Thanksgiving. You can put the stress of work behind you, ignore emails from your boss asking you to finish some reports that you know aren’t really that important and spend the whole day stuffing your face with food and laughter.


6. Family

This could easily be some people least favorite things about Thanksgiving since it’s famously known as one of the most stressful family gatherings next to Christmas, but even though your drunk uncle keeps complaining about “the ISIS” or your cousin won’t stop talking about his amazing experience with the Peace Corps, you still love them unconditionally and in the end and can’t imagine the holidays without them.


7. Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade gives your mom the opportunity to take a break from the kitchen and enjoy the sweet glow of the television. It’s a fun and entertaining experience that everyone in the whole family can enjoy.


8. Turkey

Without turkey, there’s no Thanksgiving. It’s tradition that whoever breaks off the smallest in a wishbone tug of war actually get’s the best meat selections on their plate. It’s at least worth a shot, right?


9. Yams with Marshmallows

Yams are basically potatoes. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Since, potatoes are still absolutely amazing you can’t say no even though they taste like candy.


10. Gravy

The greatest thing on earth and the binding component to an amazing Thanksgiving meal is gravy. Dry turkey? Gravy. Boring potatoes? Gravy. Family politics? GRAVY. Gravy is the Xanax of Thanksgiving dinner that pushes all your worries away and brings you to a little place called heaven.


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