These New Shoes Are Made From Recycled Chewing Gum

The Shoe Is Being Produced By Amsterdam-based Clothing Company Explicit Wear

It’s the second most common form of litter in Amsterdam and clothing company, Explicit Wear, is doing something about it. Used chewing gum. We know it’s not good to swallow the gum (unless you’re Sean Spicer), and we sure don’t like stepping in gum. That’s where Explicit Wear comes in, by taking used chewing gum and turning into the soles for shoes. The new shoe is called “Gumshoe”.

The company partnered with a sustainability company called Gumdrop and tourist orgnization IAmsterdam to learn how to take used chewing gum, break it down, and create rubber which they have dubbed Gum-Tec.

It takes a lot of previously chewed gum to create the soles. On average, it takes 2.2 pounds of chewed gum to create 4 Gumshoes. Except, finding the chewed gum is not the issue. There’s approximately 3.3 million pounds of used gum on the streets of Amsterdam.

Gumshoes are available for pre-order and will be available in June for $232 per pair.

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