5 Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Wife or Girlfriend

“The Huffington Post” asked a bunch of couples therapists for the most common things men say that make women angry.

Here are the top five . . .

1. “Calm down.” It’s the worst way to calm someone down, because it doesn’t work. And it’s like saying they’re overreacting and their feelings aren’t valid.

2. “Did you really NEED to buy that?” It puts them on defense. And if they just bought something, they’re probably excited about it. So unless you expect them to return it, you’re better off having a larger discussion about finances later on.

3. “Why are you so upset? That wouldn’t bother ME.” What women hear is, “You’re crazy.” So again, it’s like saying their feelings aren’t valid.

4. “I’ll do it, just stop nagging me.” It’s like trying to shift the blame, and make it seem like THEY’RE being unreasonable. But if you haven’t done something you said you’d do, then maybe it’s not unreasonable to bring it up again.

5. Comparing them to an ex. Especially if you say your ex was BETTER at something. It can bruise your ego even if it’s something dumb, like saying they were a better driver. And guys don’t like it any more than women do.

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