A Cop Drove a Guy 100 Miles to Be with His Family After a Tragedy

On Sunday, a guy in Indiana named Mark Ross found out his sister died in a car crash in Michigan. And he wanted to be with his mom but didn’t have a car.

So a friend agreed to drive him there. Except they got pulled over in Ohio, and it turns out the friend’s license was suspended. So he got arrested, and the car was impounded.

It also turned out Mark had a warrant out for a misdemeanor. It wasn’t anything serious, but he could have been arrested too.

Luckily one of the cops heard about Mark’s sister, and decided not to arrest him. In fact, he offered to drive Mark the rest of the way, which was about a hundred miles.

His name’s David Robison, and Mark posted a photo of them sitting together in the squad car. Mark’s black, and the cop is white. And Mark says he’s never been a huge fan of the police, but he’s extremely thankful for what David did.

By the way, his warrant is in Michigan, so he has to deal with it while he’s there. But he’s been able to be with his family, and says David is even coming to the funeral.

Someone set up a crowdfunding page to help with the cost. If you want to donate, just go to


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