After an Awkward Start, Rachel Platten Crushes URFC Concert

April 14th was an historic day for women’s sports in Utah. 

The new National Women’s Soccer League team, Utah Royals FC , played their first game on their home field. The team is made up of some of the world’s biggest name in women’s soccer including olympic gold medalist and world soccer champion Kelly O’Hara. They are lead by the most winningest women’s soccer coach, Laura Harvey.

As the official station for Utah Royals FC, Mix 105.1 commemorated this event by flying-in platinum recording artist, Rachel Platten to sing the National Anthem and perform a short concert after the game.

Things got off to a rocky start. 


Platten, 36, accidentally sang “by the STARS’ early light,” realized she messed up, and started over. She made the same mistake on the second try, then asked for someone to feed her the iconic line. On the third and final try, she made the same mistake, but continued on with the performance. 

Now, to be fair, Platten is hardly the first artist to butcher a performance of the National Anthem. It’s so common, in fact, that you will find no shortage of Anthem mess-ups on YouTube.

According to M. Tye Comer, editor or, ““The national anthem is an incredibly challenging song to sing. It feels easy, because it’s so familiar, but it has a one and a half octave range, which means you have to have strong vocal control in order to really do it justice.” 

“Couple that with the fact that potentially millions of people are hearing them perform a song that everyone from grandparents to toddlers are familiar with – it’s easy for the nerves to take over.”

There were over 19 thousand in attendance at Rio Tinto Stadium (not to mention, the game was being broadcast on Lifetime). It’s safe to say that nerves likely played a factor. However, twitter was a little less understanding than Comer.

All that being said, Platten refused to let it keep her down. She took the stage after URFC’s 1-0 defeat and owned it saying, “I’m so ashamed about what happened. I considered hiding in my dressing room. But I chose to embody the spirit of this great country, be brave, and come back out here… I’m glad I didn’t stay in my dressing room.”

A good portion of attendees stayed after the game for the performance and they didn’t leave disappointed. Platten was able to throw-off the embarrassment and rocked a 5 song set. Check out these amazing shots captured by photographer Fatima Nawabi.


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