Beyoncé to Elton John: The Billion-Dollar Ballad of Top-Grossing Concert Tours

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From Queen Bee to Piano Master: The Richest Concert Tours Ever

Unveiling the “Ten-Tune Titans,” a list of the highest-grossing concert tours music history has ever witnessed, starring luminaries from Queen Bee, Beyoncé, to the flashy Piano Master, Elton John.

As we chatter, Beyoncé orchestrates a global spectacle with her “Renaissance Tour.” The grapevine is alive with whispers that this musical extravaganza could potentially rocket her past the $2 billion threshold. If she achieves this feat, she’ll outperform these ten stalwarts who’ve previously set the bar. And speaking of Bey, check out her performance of “I Just Wanna Rock” on the Renaissance Tour.

Melody Moguls: The Ten Titans of Tunes

Kicking off the list at the tenth spot, we have Metallica, who rumbled the earth with their “WorldWired Tour” (2016-19), bagging a frosty $433,838,725.

We have the electrifying AC/DC in the ninth position, whose “Black Ice World Tour” (2008-10) surged a shocking $441,121,000 into their accounts.

Claiming the eighth spot, Roger Waters with his legendary “The Wall Live” (2010-13) tour, bulldozed its way to an impressive $458,673,798.

Stepping into the upper echelons at number seven, we find Coldplay’s captivating “A Head Full of Dreams Tour” (2016-17), conjuring a radiant $523,033,675.

Holding the fort at numbers six and five, The Rolling Stones made a double impact with their “No Filter Tour” (2017-21) piling up $546,515,799, and the “A Bigger Bang Tour” (2005-07) detonating a whopping $558,255,524.

In fourth place, Guns N’ Roses ignited the scene with their “Not in This Lifetime… Tour” (2016-19), sparking an eye-popping $584,200,000.

The bronze medal goes to U2, with their groundbreaking “360 Tour” (2009-11), spiraling to a head-spinning $736,421,584.

The silver spot is occupied by the red-haired virtuoso, Ed Sheeran, whose “Divide Tour” (2017-19) calculatedly pocketed $776,200,000.

And, reigning supreme, it’s the thrilling Elton John, whose “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” (2018-23) embarked on a journey to a jaw-dropping $853,000,000.

Amidst these eye-watering sums, the question on everyone’s lips is whether Beyoncé’s “Renaissance Tour” will steal the show and rewrite history? Keep your eyes peeled for the Queen Bee’s encore!

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