Boygenius Strikes: A Grammy Night Against Sexism

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Phoebe Bridgers and Boygenius Voice Their Opinions

Phoebe Bridgers was forthright in her comments at the 2024 Grammy Awards, accompanied by her boygenius colleagues, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus. The group had just accepted three Grammy awards when asked by a Rolling Stone journalist about the role of women in the rock music scene.

The discussion quickly turned to the contentious statements by former Recording Academy chairman and CEO Neil Portnow in 2018, who implied that women must “step up” for recognition in the music industry. Bridgers, unafraid, criticized these comments and referenced the sexual assault allegations against Portnow, stating he should “rot in piss.” This bold reply highlights a strong stance against sexism in the music industry.

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Exploring the Portnow Debate

The debate surrounding Neil Portnow dates back to his controversial remarks following the Grammy Awards in 2018, which led to widespread backlash from both artists and industry insiders. His assertion that the lack of Grammy wins for women was a result of their failure to “step up” fueled demands for his resignation, led by Vanessa Carlton and others. Portnow’s tenure was further marred by allegations of sexual misconduct, leaving a complicated legacy in the music industry.


Boygenius’ Grammy Success in 2024

Amidst these controversies, the accomplishments of boygenius at the Grammy Awards stand out. Their debut LP, the record, was awarded Best Alternative Music Album, and their song “Not Strong Enough” was honored with Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance awards. Bridgers also secured a win in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category for collaborating with SZA on “Ghost in the Machine.” Learn more about SZA on 92.5 The Beat.

The 2024 Grammy Awards will be not only remembered for the accolades but also for Boygenius’ candid reflections. As Phoebe Bridgers and her bandmates of Boygenius continue to challenge norms and confront issues, they signal a hopeful shift toward a more inclusive and fair music industry where integrity confronts injustice.


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