Charli XCX and Sam Smith Drop New Track “In the City”

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Charli XCX and Sam Smith Unite

British pop sensations Charli XCX and Sam Smith collaborated for an exciting musical venture, unveiling their joint single, “In the City.” This dynamic track is co-produced by a talented lineup, including Ilya, A. G. Cook, Omer Fedi, and George Daniel from the band The 1975.

Exploring “In the City”

Charli XCX, a trailblazer in the pop music scene, shares insight into the song’s theme. She describes it as a narrative of discovering genuine connections amidst exhilarating nights out and revelry in enchanting urban landscapes. The track embodies a sense of acceptance and celebrates the grandeur of inclusion within the LGBTQ+ community and those rare encounters with extraordinary individuals during such experiences. Listen below:

A Hint of Collaboration

Hints of this remarkable collaboration surfaced earlier this year in Charli XCX’s music video for “Speed Drive,” featuring Barbie. During the video, she engages in a video call with none other than Sam Smith, who had also contributed to the Barbie project. In the video, Smith inquires about “the new mix,” a tantalizing teaser that left fans eager for more. Although the exact nature of their collaboration remained undisclosed, it was clear that something exceptional was in the works.

An Enduring Connection

While “In the City” marks their official musical collaboration, Charli XCX and Sam Smith have crossed their paths several times. In 2014, Charli XCX paid tribute to Smith’s chart-topping hit, “Stay With Me,” a testament to the mutual admiration between the two artists.

Experience the Magic

Now, Charli XCX and Sam Smith fans can savor the magic of their partnership in “In the City.” This vibrant track invites listeners to delve into a world of self-discovery and acceptance.

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating musical journey. Tune in and let “In the City” be your guide to the enchanting realms created by Charli XCX and Sam Smith.

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