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Doja Cat Latest Single "Attention"
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“Attention”: Doja Cat’s Battle with the Critics

A New Chapter in Doja Cat’s Musical Journey

Doja Cat, the renowned rapper and pop star, has once again proven her mettle with her latest single, “Attention.” The track is a powerful response to recent criticisms, showcasing her ability to turn negativity into a compelling piece of art. This song marks a significant milestone in her career, addressing the controversies surrounding her in the past year and a half. Watch the music video below:

The Controversies and the Response

Doja Cat has been in the limelight for various reasons, including her decision to quit music after disputes with fans and her dismissal of her own discography. She has been candid about her previous rap verses, calling them “mid and corny,” and has labeled her past two albums, “Hot Pink” and “Planet Her,” as “mediocre pop” and a “cash grab.”

“Attention” is her response to these controversies. The song opens with a fluttering harp and a canned loon call, setting the stage for a musically intriguing and lyrically potent track. The song addresses criticisms of her appearance and her decision to withdraw from the Weeknd’s After Hours Til Dawn Tour.

Lyrics That Bite Back

The lyrics of “Attention” are a biting retort to the patronizing commentary of so-called fans. She addresses her weight loss, asserting that she hasn’t “lost a tushy,” and discusses her decision not to be an opener for the Weeknd’s tour, stating that she “redirects the booking.”

Showcasing Her Rap Skills

Doja Cat uses “Attention” to foreground her rapping skills. She spits over ’90s hip-hop production as if in an audition, demonstrating her versatility and talent. The song has certainly turned heads in her direction, and now the world watches and waits for her next move.


Doja Cat’s “Attention” is a testament to her resilience and talent. It’s a song that addresses criticism head-on, showcasing her rapping skills and ability to turn negativity into compelling art. As we watch and wait for her next move, one thing is clear: Doja Cat is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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