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Charli XCX Drops “Von Dutch” with a Unique Twist

Charli XCX just unveiled her latest single, “Von Dutch,” complete with a captivating music video set against the bustling backdrop of France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport. The track, shaped by the talents of producer Easyfun, marks another milestone in their collaborative history. Easyfun isn’t new to the Charli XCX universe, having lent his expertise to projects like Number 1 Angel, Pop 2, and Charli. Their synergy shines through in “Von Dutch,” a testament to their creative alignment. Watch the video below.

Behind the Scenes with Easyfun

Easyfun’s collaboration with Charli XCX extends beyond just this track. Having worked together on hits like “Speed Drive” and a remix of “1999,” their partnership is a dynamic exploration of sound and style. Charli XCX’s contributions to Easyfun and A. G. Cook’s debut Thy Slaughter album further cement their mutual respect and artistic exchange. This history of collaboration underlines the depth of their connection, showcasing a shared vision for music that pushes boundaries.

A Glimpse into “Brat”: Charli’s Club Record

Adding to the excitement, Charli XCX has also teased fans with the name of her upcoming album, Brat. Positioned as the successor to Crash, the album is slated for a summer release. Describing Brat as “a club record,” Charli XCX shares her enthusiasm for dance music, hinting at her roots in the club scene and her passion for creating music that moves people. “I was born to make dance music.. i came from the clubs.. xcx6 is the album I’ve always wanted to make,” she explains. This declaration sets high expectations for the album, promising a collection of tracks that will likely become the soundtrack of countless dance floors. While pre-orders aren’t available yet, fans can still get her last album, CRASH, on vinyl:



In summary, Charli XCX’s release of “Von Dutch” not only serves as a teaser for her upcoming album but also celebrates her ongoing collaboration with Easyfun. As fans eagerly await Brat, the promise of a club-centric record from the pop star hints at a summer filled with infectious beats and unforgettable melodies.

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