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Olivia Rodrigo Sets the Stage on Fire with GUTS Tour Opener

This Friday marked a significant milestone for pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo as she ignited her GUTS tour in the heart of Greater Palm Springs at the Acrisure Arena. The show was nothing short of spectacular, with Rodrigo giving fans the first-ever live performances of her hits “Logical” and “Obsessed.”

Celebrating her 21st birthday earlier in the week, Rodrigo brought an energetic mix of fun and music to the stage. She playfully sang “All-American Bitch,” opting for the original “all-American tits” lyrics over “all-American hips,” and dazzled the audience with her glittery outfits.

Notably, she swapped out a traditional microphone for a megaphone during her performance of “Get Him Back!” and had a moon prop soaring above the crowd. Adding a personal touch, Rodrigo rocked out with a custom purple St. Vincent Goldie guitar. The tour stops in Salt Lake City on July 31. Check out a collection of Rodrigo merch. 

More Than Music: Celebrating Freedom and Rights

During her performance of “Teenage Dream,” Rodrigo shared a quirky birthday story about buying cigarettes and beer, emphasizing the thrill of simply being able to make the purchase. But the GUTS World Tour isn’t just about the music. Rodrigo is using her platform to launch the “Fund 4 Good,” a new initiative aimed at supporting women, girls, and individuals seeking reproductive health freedom. Announced on TikTok, this fund pledges to back community-based nonprofits focused on girls’ education, reproductive rights, and the fight against gender-based violence.

Vinyl Vibes and Collaborative Spirits

Earlier in the week, Rodrigo stirred excitement among fans with the announcement of a Record Store Day collaboration with Noah Kahan. This special release features Kahan covering “Lacy” and Rodrigo taking on “Stick Season,” showcasing both artists’ versatility and mutual respect.

Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour is off to a roaring start, blending electrifying performances with a heartfelt commitment to social causes. Stay tuned for more updates as Rodrigo continues to captivate audiences and champion important initiatives across the globe.

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