Drake’s Former Bodyguard Shares More About How Drake Is

Drake | Shutterstock

Recently, Drake’s former bodyguard, Mike Van Wyck, opened up about what it was like to work for Drake.

Wyck said, “I thought I had work ethic, and I do. I guess if you ask people about me, I do work hard. I don’t really take days off and kinda of just grind all the time.”

He continued, “But, to see a guy at that level — watch them go out night after night — especially on tours and perform, it’s robotic. In a very positive way. Not in a negative way.”

He added, “It’s ingrained. This showmanship. This person, the person becomes on stage and how they perform from show to show — you could probably run the shows overlapping each other, and it would look the same. There is that much consistency to it, and you’d figure like someone that’s doing that kind of work would have a night off.”

He also revealed that he applies that work ethic to his body-building career.

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