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Fans Fight Outside a Radio Station Where Justin Bieber Was Appearing

Justin Bieber appeared on a Paris radio station yesterday,  and hundreds of females of various ages gathered outside the building, hoping to catch sight of him. Not surprisingly, there was some pushing and shoving. But the pushing and shoving became fighting . . . and at least one girl ended up with blood on her face. Get more here.

The 2015 Streamy Awards Were Last Night

YouTubers Tyler Oakley and Grace Helbig hosted the award show that honors online video hosts. OMI performed his hit “Cheerleader” and Hailee Steinfeld performed her hit “Love Myself” live for the first time. Both artists nailed it! Here’s the winners:

Entertainer of the Year

Cameron Dallas

Show of the Year



Cyanide & Happiness

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Streamy Awards

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Jessica Simpson’s Bizarre HSN Special, Was She Drunk?

Jessica Simpson was on HSN with host Colleen Lopez for a two-hour sellathon. But something was off, Jessica seemed unsteady on her feet and slurred her words. She was swaying as she poked fun at her sister Ashlee, saying she shares jeans with her husband, Evan Ross. Jessica stepped away from the camera a few times during the live TV marathon. Jessica’s mom Tina was there, too. Her odd behavior didn’t seem to have an effect on sales, as Colleen and Jessica shared a snap together declaring the event a “sell out show!” Get more here.

“The View” Has Lost Two Advertisers for Their Comments About Nurses

During Sunday’s “Miss America” pageant, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson did a monologue for the talent portion. She came out in her nurse’s uniform, and talked about a patient of hers who had early Alzheimer’s.

On “The View” Monday, the ladies were talking about it, and it didn’t go well. Michelle Collins basically said it was awful. Then Joy Behar asked why Kelley was wearing, quote, “a doctor’s stethoscope.”

It was Joy’s comment that really got under people’s skin, because it seemed like she was belittling nurses. But on Wednesday’s show she clarified that she didn’t know Kelley was in a nurse’s uniform. She thought she was in some kind of costume, since it was the talent segment, so she legitimately didn’t understand the stethoscope. Collins also apologized.

Joy took her case to Twitter, saying, quote, “Let me say that I have enormous respect for nurses. I did not mean to offend these hard working, dedicated professionals. I am truly sorry to anyone I have offended.” Still, “The View” has lost TWO sponsors over this, at least for now. Both Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s Best have suspended their advertising. Get more here.

Ice-T Dissed Kanye’s Fashion Line

Ice-T did not care for Kanye’s fashion line at all. Ice-T made his disapproval known on social media. otally dissed his peer’s clothing line by saying Yeezy’s clothes resembled “future slave gear.”

Then he got some backlash, but it didn’t phase him, he tweeted:

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T.I. and Iggy Have Dissolved Their Professional Relationship

In a radio interview, T.I. confirmed that he cut all business ties with Iggy Azalea, who he’d been mentoring. Basically, he got tired of fighting for her, when it seemed like her and her people weren’t helping, and it was dragging him down. He did say, quote, “In her defense, she had a lot thrown at her at one time. Any human being anywhere [is gonna] have a hard time adjusting.” Apparently, this was news to Iggy, who said this was the first she’d heard of a problem. She Tweeted, quote, “Personally, I don’t think the radio is the place to talk about your personal issues with someone that’s part of your team.” For the record, TMZ claims they split professionally two years ago, and it was mutual. Get more here.



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