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Mama June Lost 150 Pounds & Appeared on ‘Botched’

Honey Boo Boo’s mom, June Shannon has faced criticizm of her weight since Honey Boo Boo first appeared on ‘Toddlers in Tiara.’ She’s even taken heat over Honey Boo Boo’s weight. She appeared on The Doctors in what can only be described as an intervention about weight. But it looks like June took their advice to heart, and made some changes. She just revealed that she’s lost 150 lbs in the last year, and she’s seeking surgery to remove her extra skin. Check out the clip from ‘Botched’

This is the Mama June we’re used to:

Mama June looking good #lookinggood

A photo posted by June-alana Shannon (@real_honeybooboo_mamajune31054) on

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Justin Bieber’s Former Neighbors Must Undergo Intense Psychological Exams

You remember when Justin Bieber egged his neighbors houses? He acted just like any other teenager with poor judgement too much time on their hands. People all across the country get egged, usually by teenagers, and usually for no reason. Yet somehow, they find a way to carry on with their lives. Most don’t even need therapy! But Justin’s neighbors are highly sensitive people. They claimed that Justin’s egging emotionally terrorized them, and caused severe emotional distress. Over eggs… eggs! They already recieved $80k for the “damages” which is 80k more than anyone who was egged has ever received for their trouble. But the former neighbors aren’t satisfied with their settlement, they want more. But a Judge has said, if you want more, you’re going to have to prove how damaged you are by the Bieb’s actions. Each neighbor claiming that they suffered from emotional terrorism has to submit to a 7-hour psychological exam. Get more here.

Kris Jenner Hit By Driver Running Red Light

Kris Jenner was driving around her Hidden Hills neighborhood in her beautiful new Rolls-Royce yesterday, when she got t-boned by a Prius. Kris was getting on the 101, when the driver of the Prius turned out in front of her, against the light. The impact was hard enough that the Rolls’s airbags deployed. Kris was injured, and paramedics kept her in the car until they could safely rule out any serious spine injuries. It appears that she broke or severly sprained her wrist. TMZ has pics of the damage here. She had only had the Rolls-Royce for a week, that’s gotta hurt more than the wrist.

Ozzy Osbourne is Being Treated for Sex Addiction

Ozzy Osbourne just did what all rich, famous guys who get caught sleeping around do: He played that sex addict card. And to make the illusion complete, he’s getting “intense therapy” for it. He said, quote, “Over the last six years, I have been dealing with a sex addiction. I am mortified at what my behavior has done to my family. I thank God that my incredible wife is at my side to support me.” But at least one person doesn’t believe him: Michelle Pugh, the hairdresser he got caught messing around with. She says what they had was more like an “old-fashioned romance,” and a “very real relationship.” She says he even asked her not to see other people. But he responded by saying that she, quote, “took their relationship out of context.” And he said that he was seeing other women. Michelle is actually suing Ozzy’s daughter Kelly for publicly shaming her after news of the affair broke. On “The Talk” yesterday, Sharon Osbourne said, quote, “I am proud that he’s come out and admitted it finally. It’s very very hard . . . I think he should call Tiger Woods for some advice.” Get more here.

Harry Connick Jr. Is Coming to Daytime Television

Fox has givin Harry Connick Jr. his own show, called “Harry!” The show will consist of “spontaneous and formal performances, interaction with the audience, celebrity and desk interviews and man-on-the-street segments.” The show is produced by the same guys that produced the “Late Show with David Letterman.” Seems like everyone gets a chance at a talk show these days, and most don’t make it past season 1. But Harry isn’t worried, he said “If we get shut down after a couple weeks of horrible ratings, I’ve met some amazing people.” We really like Harry on American Idol, so we hope the show is a success! Get more here.

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