Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Two Women Brawl at a Funeral After One Moons the Other in Front of the Casket

I’m not sure anyone left this funeral saying it was lovely and respectful, but it was definitely memorable. A 71-year-old woman from Pittsburgh died last week, and her funeral was Friday night. One of the relatives there was a 62-year-old woman named Suzanne Troy, who had been estranged from the family and especially the woman who died. 49-year-old Tracey Schweitzer is the woman’s niece, and she’s a police officer. She stepped up and asked Suzanne to leave out of respect. But Suzanne responded by lifting up her skirt in front of the casket to moon Tracey and she told her, quote, “kiss my [a**].” Then she threatened to go get a gun, come back, and shoot Tracey in the head. So they went outside and started brawling. They both landed some pretty good shots before the cops got there and broke it up. Tracey was arrested for simple assault, and Suzanne was arrested for assault and making a terrorist threat.

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