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 John Stamos Officially Charged with DUI

John Stamos has been officially charged with Driving Under the Influence by the L.A. County District Attorney. He was arrested in Beverly Hills back in June. To be clear, John wasn’t drunk, he was using GHB as a “fitness supplement” supposedly GHB “leans out body mass” it’s also known as the Date Rape drug because it makes you so tired. You really shouldn’t try to drive while on it. The DUI charge is a maximum of 6 months in county jail, but John is a first time offender and will probably just get probation. Get more here.

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90210 Star Matt Lanter Changed a Tire for Some Swooning Teens

Matt Lanter played the hottie Liam on the reboot of 90210. But now, he’s playing roadside rescuer to some teenage girls who had a flat tire. Matt and a friend spotted the girls and offered to help fix the flat. One of the girls is an aspiring actress, and she was brave enough to ask for his number. Matt actually gave her his manager’s number, which is pretty nice of him, but declined to give her his personal number. She did get his Snapchat info, a potentail manager for her career, and the tire-change. Best flat tire ever! Get more here.

Lolo Jones Periscopes Her Heavily Medicated Silliness

Lolo Jones, olympic sprinter and bobsleader, had to have surgery for a torn hip labrum. When she woke up, the Morphine was flowin’! She decided the best course of action would be to Periscope her heavily medicated state. She complains about not getting implants while she was under, and said “Keep me away from Bill Cosby right now ’cause I’m heavily medicated, he’s not allowed to visit!” It’s all pretty adorable, and you can watch the video here.

Erin Andrews Wants $75 Million for Being Peeped On

Back in 2008, a pervert videotaped Erin Andrews naked through the peephole of her hotel room at a Nashville Marriott. Erin sued the Marriott in 2011, because they actually told the stalker she was a guest there, and gave him the room next to hers when he asked for it. She also sued the stalker, who was sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty in 2009. Well, earlier this week, Erin filed court papers specifying how much she’s seeking in damages. The grand total? $75 million. The trial is scheduled for February. Get more here.

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