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Hackers Claim They Have Nude Pictures of Taylor Swift . . . Taylor Says They Don’t

Hackers took over Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts yesterday, and threatened to post nude photos of her.  But after Taylor got control of her accounts back, she made a joke out of it, Tweeting, quote, “Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack. . .” On a more serious note, she also said there are no nude photos to post, quote, “Any hackers saying they have ‘nudes’?  Psssh you’d love that wouldn’t you!  Have fun Photoshopping ’cause you got NOTHING.” The hackers did post some of Taylor’s supposed text conversations, including one with Nick Jonas.  But nothing scandalous. Get the full story here.

Your Female Ghostbusters Are Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones

Your female “Ghostbusters” have been announced and the choices definitely could have been worse. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy from “Bridesmaids” are headlining the cast.  Which isn’t surprising, since”Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig is doing this one.  And he Tweeted that it’s coming out June 22nd, 2016. Kristen and Melissa will be backed up by current “Saturday Night Live” cast members Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. It’s interesting that Bill Murray has always been the stumbling block to getting a third “Ghostbusters” made with the original cast.  But when asked who should star in the female version, he mentioned both Kristen and Melissa. Maybe the casting will convince him to make a cameo? Get the full story here.

“Vacation” Stars Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are Doing a Series Together

“Vacation” stars Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are teaming up again for an ABC sitcom. There’s no word on a title, but they’ll play a hip baby boomer couple who are living a “selfish retirement” . . . until they’re suddenly left to raise their grandchildren. This is fantastic news for anyone who loves Chevy.  But not so much for those who will actually have to work with Chevy . . . who’s notorious for being a complete jerk behind the scenes.  Just ask the people over at “Community”. Get the full story here.

New England Patriot’s Rob Gronkowski Sings Katy Perry

Super Bowl Media Day is always a mess of ridiculous questions and non-answers, so credit Rob Gronkowski for being one of the few players to actually spool off more than a “happy to be here” cliché. He was asked if he could sing a few bars of Super Bowl halftime show performer Katy Perry’s “Roar,” and he did … well, he tried, at least. Gronkaraoke is better than no karaoke, we guess.

Chrissy Teigen Poured Milk All Over Herself After Burning Her Body . . . And Her Privates . . . With Jalapenos

Chrissy Teigen posted a video over the weekend where she’s in a towel and pouring milk all over her half-naked body.  Turns out she burned herself by cooking with jalapeno peppers and then taking a shower. And she apparently got it everywhere.  She Tweeted, quote, “Just took a shower after cleaning those jalapenos and [it] truly was the biggest mistake of my life.  Like I don’t think I can have kids now.” She added, quote, “I feel like I’m covered in paper cuts and a demon is pouring lime juice all over me.”  A Twitter follower suggested the milk, and apparently it worked, because she Tweeted, quote, “You guys just saved my life.”


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Tiger Woods Explains Tooth Incident

Tiger Woods laughed often and smiled easily during a nine-hole practice round early Tuesday morning. Then he explained how he made worldwide headlines a week ago for a missing tooth. “That didn’t feel very good,” said Woods, who had traveled unannounced to watch Vonn set a record for victories. “Dude with a video camera on his shoulder, right in front of me, kneeling, stood up and turned and caught me square on the mouth. He chipped that one, cracked the other one. “‘And so then, you know, I’m trying to keep this thing so the blood is not all over the place.” “The flight home was a joke,” he said. “I couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink until he fixed them, put the temporaries on. I couldn’t have anything touch it. Even breathing hurt, because any kind of air over the nerve, the tooth that was still alive, was cracked.” Ouch! Get the full story here.


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