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Kanye Westat the G.O.O.D Music's "Heavenly" Grammy After Party. The Lot Studios, Los Angeles, CA 02-08-06

Kanye West Apologizes to Beck

In a Tweet on Thursday, Kanye said he’s sorry to Beck for interrupting his Grammys speech and saying the alternative singer should have handed his award to fellow nominee Beyoncé to “respect artistry.” The rapper also Tweeted an apology to “Uptown Funk” singer Bruno Mars, apparently he used to talk a lot of trash about Bruno… he also asked him to collaborate with him. Just like he did with Taylor Swift, the original victim of his rudeness at an award show. Taylor and Kanye are actively working on something, the two were spotted at dinner together last week. Get the full story here.

Lupita Nyong’o’s $150,000 Pearl Oscar Dress Was Stolen from Her Hotel Room

Remember the gown Lupita Nyong’o wore to the Oscars?  It was made out of more than 6,000 pearls.  A lot of people liked it, and apparently one person liked it enough to steal it. Police say the dress was stolen out of Lupita’s hotel room in West Hollywood sometime on Wednesday.  She wasn’t there at the time.  Authorities are looking at surveillance footage to see if they can figure out who took it. The thief clearly knew what they were doing.  The dress is worth an estimated $150,000. Get the full story here.


Gone @lupitanyongo @oscars15 @pearls A photo posted by Francisco Costa (@costafrancisco) on


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Taylor Swift Lost 10 Pounds By Eating Chia Seeds

“Life & Style” magazine says that Taylor Swift has lost 10 pounds since last summer, thanks to a diet secret where she snacks on Chia seeds. If you don’t follow hip, natural food trends, eating chia seeds IS a thing.  In fact, the Chia Pets website even sells them as a supplement.  Supposedly there are health benefits like Omega-3s, antioxidants, calcium, and fiber. But “Life & Style” says Taylor is doing it because the seeds swell in your stomach, reduce hunger, and fill her up for hours.  Then she, quote, “eats like a bird all day long.”  Which does not sound healthy. She heard about it from a friend last summer, and puts a few scoops in a smoothie in the morning.  Then she snacks on them between award shows, photo shoots, and song writing, and they help her get through the day. Ch-cha-cha-Chia! Get the full story here.





Tom Hanks Approves of Son’s Rap Career But Not His Foul Language

Tom Hanks supports his rapper son Chet Hanx’s career, even if he doesn’t approve of all of his lyrics. “What I love about my kid is that he’s doing it,” Hanks said at the National WWII Museum’s 2015 American Spirit Award Gala at Cipriani Wall Street Monday. “There’s a lot of people who sit around for the phone to ring and wait for someone to invite them to do it. And my kid has done it.” He added, “Sometimes I can’t honestly say I love to hear some of the language in it, but that’s not just his stuff, that’s other people’s as well.” Get the full story here.





Paris Hilton’s Obsessed Fan Tried to Give Her a Classic Caddy

The guy, who we only know as Johnny, delivered the Caddy to Paris’ Bev Hills gated community, Johnny got past the guard at the front gate by posing as a flower delivery guy, but when he rang Paris’ door, she recognized him and called the cops. On Tuesday someone bashed in all the windows, Paris is convinced Johnny did it because she wouldn’t accept the gift. Johnny once flew a plane over the Hilton’s Malibu compound with two signs, one of which read, “Can’t Get Paris Whitney Hilton Out of My Mind.” and the other , “Mr. & Mrs. Hilton, may I court your daughter Paris?” He also once sent Paris an expensive wedding dress in the mail with a card that read, “Will you marry me?” Paris was spotted on the street with the Caddie on Tuesday, taking photos of it as “evidence.” Get the full story here.

Justin Bieber is Moving Back to Beverly Hills

Bieber just moved into the 5 bedroom, 6 bath crib with sweeping city views and graffiti art. The Biebs is just renting, the 6,000 sq-ft pad was listed at $35,000 per month! It’s a major bargain over the $60K/month he was paying for the glass palace, near Bev Hills, that he moved into in December. This is the 3rd home he’s rented since moving out of the house he owned in Calabasas. Get the full story here.


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