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The Simpsons Went Live Last Night

We don’t know how they did it, but the Simpsons were live last night. Homer appeared in a dingy room with a banner saying “Fox Studios Secret Bunker.” Homer took live questions and even made fun of Drake’s SNL appearance:

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Macklemore Crashed a Wedding

Mackelmore was in a hotel in Washington D.C. where a wedding was taking place. He was dared to crash the wedding, by his mother!


Macklemore / Snapchat

Fortunately the wedding party knew who he was and a party ensued! He was kind enough to snapchat the whole thing.

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Drake’s SNL Appearance

Drake hosted SNL on Saturday, and he also played musical guest, performing 2 songs from his new album “Views.” His monologue focused on Meme’s and included a hilarious impression of Rihanna:

Then he went on to do “Black Jeopardy” where he played a friendly Canadian named Jared. Drake was the butt of the entire sketch, but he dished it out along side the cast:

It was Drake’s second time hosting, he had the honor in 2014 as well. See more of his sketches and his musical performances here.

Jessica & Ashlee Simpson’s Dad Had an Art Show

Joe Simpson is the father of the lovely Simpson girls, and their former manager. Lately he has turned his attention to art, including photographs of his children.

Just a bit of the art!!

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Both Jessica and Ashlee showed up to lend support to their dad, their hubbies Eric and Evan also came. Joe was dressed in black leggings with a black smock, looking like the stereotypical artist. The show was titled “Dreams Work” and was hosted at the Bruce Lurie Gallery in Culver City, California. Get more here.

Jess and papa enjoying the moment!

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Former Star of “The Wire” Assaulted a Woman for Supporting Bernie Sanders

Wendell Pierce was arrested Saturday night around 3:30am. A couple were in the same hotel as Wendell when he struck up a conversation with them. The talk turned to politics, and Wendell, who is a fierce Hillary supporter, was violently upset to learn they supported Bernie Sanders. So upset by the news, he shoved the man, grabbed the woman by her hair and hit her in the head. You would expect this kind of thing from opposite party supporters, but these are both democratic candidates who’s views aren’t that different. We can only hope he was under the influence and isn’t usually such a jerk. Get more here.

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