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Even John Mayer and Chrissy Teigen are Playing Pokemon Go

By now you’ve heard about Pokemon Go. It’s a new GPS-based app where you actually have to go outside to catch monster, but they seem to be right there in front of you. Obviously, you only see them when you look into your phone. Unless you’re John Mayer, and you’ve been touring with the remnants of the Grateful Dead. Then you can probably see them anywhere you look without your phone. So yeah, John Mayer is playing Pokemon Go, and he’s not ashamed to admit it. He even boasted on Instagram about spending $100 to purchase Pokecoins for the game. And even supermodel Chrissy Teigen playing it too. On Sunday, Chrissy asked her Twitter followers, quote, “Can I catch Pokemon in Italy?” Then she followed it up with, “Am I too old to catch Pokemon?” And she’s very bravely still playing it, even after Tweeting, quote, “A girl was trying to catch a Pokemon and found a body in a river instead so I don’t know about this.” Get more here.


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Taylor Swift is the Highest-Paid Entertainer

“Forbes” has released its list of the World’s Highest-Paid Entertainers, and the winner is Taylor Swift by a freakin’ mile. Over the past year, she’s banked $170 million. Her 1989 Tour has sold out stadiums around the country and grossed a quarter of a billion dollars worldwide. She also has endorsement deals with Diet Coke, Apple, and other sponsors. Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris “only” made $63 million, which was good enough for 21st. One Direction came in second with $110 million. Much of that is from the tail end of their On the Road Again Tour. They’re followed on the list by author James Patterson, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, and Dr. Phil. Kim Kardashian finished at #43, with $51 million. She Tweeted:

and followed that up with this hashtag:

Here’s the Top 20:

1. Taylor Swift, $170 million.

2. One Direction, $110 million.

3. James Patterson, $95 million

4. Tie between Dr. Phil and Cristiano Ronaldo, $88 million.

6. Kevin Hart, $87.5 million.

7. Howard Stern, $85 million.

8. Soccer star Lionel Messi, $81.5 million.

9. Adele, $80.5 million.

10. Rush Limbaugh, $79 million.

11. LeBron James, $77 million.

12. Madonna, $76.5 million.

13. Tie between Ellen DeGeneres and Rihanna, $75 million

15. Garth Brooks, $70 million.

16. Roger Federer, $68 million.

17. AC/DC, $67.5 million.

18. The Rolling Stones, $66.5 million.

19. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, $64.5 million.

20. David Copperfield, $64 million.

Get more here.

Did Lindsay Lohan Throw Her Boyfriend’s Phone Into the Ocean During a Fight?

Get your popcorn ready, Lindsay Lohan might be losing it again. She’s been vacationing in Greece with her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov. On Friday, they were having a good time with family and friends, when they got into a fight. Sources say Lindsay saw something on Egor’s phone that upset her, so she threw it into the ocean. He responded by throwing a drink on her. Security had to step in to end the argument, and Lindsay left. Then she posted:

But then she posted a picture of the two of them with hearts underneath it. So it looks like everything’s okay. Get more here.

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John Oliver Read Mean YouTube Comments About Him

John Oliver has been posting little clips on YouTube while his show “Last Week Tonight” is off the air. On Sunday he responded to insulting comments that people have left for him online.

People are Actually Body Shaming Kristin Cavallari’s Children

On the 4th, Kristin Cavallari had the audacity to post a photo of her family and wish everyone a happy 4th. What could be controversial about that? Well apparently, people thing her kids are “too skinny” they accused the former reality star of child abuse, saying she straves her children. Here’s the pic in question:

Even though we’re not in the states, were still celebrating hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th! #MyGuys

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No debating that her kids are skinny, but they’re kids, they grow like weeds! And lets look at the genetics they’re toting around, their mom is a naturally thin woman. Kristin didn’t let the abuse continue saying, “Yep, I starve my children. Just blocked the most people I’ve ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th hahaha” Guys, othere people’s bodies are not your business, her kids are obviously healthy and happy. Get more here.

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