My Roommates Are Pathetic When It Comes to Cleaning Our Apartment

Roommates can be wonderful, or horrible, and they’re a necessary evil for most of us at some point in our lives. So how do you handle them?

I live with two roommates I went to college with. But it’s the first time we’re living alone as “adults.”

Cleanliness is important to me. I’m INSANELY clean, and I expect the people I live with to be clean too. So of course that means my roommates are filthy.

The weirdest part is they TRY to be clean in weird ways. Like, instead of cleaning the stove . . . they’ll put FOIL around the burner, then throw it out when it gets nasty.

And they recycle, but they never actually take the bag full of stuff outside to the recycling bin . . . it just piles up in our place until I inevitably take it outside.

I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Would it be rude to give them an ultimatum and say “keep the house clean or I’m moving out?”

Andrea, 21

Should you threaten to move out if your roommate are messy?

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Who’s the filthiest person you ever lived with, and why?


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