Quavo & Lana Del Rey: New Song “Tough”

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“Tough” Love: Quavo & Lana’s Duet

After weeks of teasers and speculation, Quavo and Lana Del Rey have finally released their highly anticipated new song, “Tough.” The single is accompanied by a picturesque music video directed by the artists and Wyatt Spain Winfrey. In the video, Quavo and Del Rey slow dance together, strum guitars on a quaint cottage porch, and bask in the lush greenery of a serene rural landscape. The video perfectly complements the song’s nostalgic and pastoral vibe. Watch it below.

Echoes of the Past: Del Rey’s Hip-Hop Influences

“Tough” marks a significant return to the hip-hop-influenced sound that defined Lana Del Rey’s debut album, Born to Die. This collaboration with Quavo is her first partnership with a rapper since her 2017 album, Lust for Life, which featured tracks with the Weeknd (“Lust for Life”), A$AP Rocky (“Groupie Love”), and Playboi Carti (“Summer Bummer”). Although her 2023 song “Peppers” includes Canadian rapper Tommy Genesis, it only samples Genesis’ “Angelina” rather than featuring new contributions.

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Quavo’s Solo Journey

Quavo has been equally busy, building on the momentum from his second solo studio album, Rocket Power, released in August 2023. Following the album, Quavo has dropped several singles, including “Mink,” “Clear the Smoke,” and “Himothy.” His collaboration with Lana Del Rey on “Tough” adds another layer to his versatile discography, showcasing his ability to blend genres and collaborate with diverse artists.

Looking Ahead: New Projects on the Horizon

Fans of Lana Del Rey can look forward to her potential new country album, Lasso, which she has hinted might be released in September. This would follow her 2023 album, Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, continuing her trend of exploring different musical landscapes.

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Artist Background

Lana Del Rey: Known for her cinematic style and melancholic themes, Lana Del Rey burst onto the music scene with her 2012 album Born to Die. Her unique blend of indie pop and hip-hop has earned her a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim. Suggested songs to explore: “Video Games” and “Summertime Sadness.”

Quavo: A prominent figure in the hip-hop world, Quavo is a member of the trio Migos. He has also carved out a successful solo career, demonstrating his versatility as an artist. Suggested songs to explore: “Workin Me” and “Lamb Talk.”

Watch the pastoral “Tough” video below and experience the unique synergy between Quavo and Lana Del Rey in their latest creative venture.

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