Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Taco Bell Employee Is Busted For Cooking Meth in the Bathroom

Someone finally managed to cook something at Taco Bell that’s more explosive than their bean burritos. The police in Cedar Rapids, Iowa busted a Taco Bell employee and his friend yesterday morning, for using the bathroom as a meth lab. The cops got a call around 4:40 A.M. about a suspicious person there. And when they showed up, 31-year-old Christopher Matous and 56-year-old Kent Duby were outside the Taco Bell. And they’d mostly cleaned up the lab, but they left a few traces behind. Both of them were arrested for conspiracy to manufacture meth. Christopher was also charged with meth possession. We tracked down his Facebook page and he still has “assistant manager and shift manager at Taco Bell” listed as his job, but Taco Bell says he’s been fired. Get more here.

Man Pretended He Was His Brother To Avoid $7,500 In Unpaid Tolls

Port Authority police in New Jersey stopped a 44-year-old man after he drove through the George Washington Bridge toll without paying. A police spokesman said the man couldn’t provide any documentation for the motorcycle he was riding and the license plates didn’t match the bike. After a search, police said they found baggies of cocaine in his pocket, which he at first said was just candy. While he was being taken into custody, officers say he gave them a government ID card that had his brother’s name and photo on it. Unaware that it wasn’t him, police issued the man a summons under his brother’s name and let him go. When Port Authority police figured things out, they issued a warrant for his arrest. He was later arrested by State Police on unrelated traffic warrants and was turned over to Port Authority police to face wrongful impersonation, theft, hindering apprehension and cocaine possession charges. Get more here.

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