Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Sneaks Cat on Flight, Threatens to ‘Bring the Plane Down’

Two fighter jets were sent to escort a passenger jet that was forced to make an emergency landing after a woman on board became combative over her cat. The Condor Airlines flight was heading from Las Vegas to Frankfurt, when passengers claimed the woman brought her cat onto the plane and became enraged when her pet was put in a lavatory by cabin crew. She punched a female flight attendant in the face and made threats to ‘bring the plane down.’ Passengers said the cat was in the woman’s purse when she boarded, and she did not have a proper carrier for it. Cabin crew decided to place the animal in a bathroom, sparking a confrontation that allegedly turned violent and prompted the emergency landing at Denver International Airport on Friday night. When the woman made the threats, the plane’s pilot alerted authorities and two F-16 fighter jets were sent into the air as a precaution. The plane landed safely and the woman was removed and questioned by authorities. The FBI said the woman was not arrested or taken into custody, and that the incident was a ‘misunderstanding’. Get more here.

3 Woman Arrested for Extortion in Scam to ‘Cleanse Evil Sprits’

Victims are usually older Asian women, they’re approached on the street by a group of women, who convince them that an evil spirit is following them and will harm members of their family unless a blessing ceremony is performed to remove the spirit. The “ceremony” requires the victim to place all their money and jewellery in a bag to be blessed. When the bag is given back to the victim, they are instructed not to open it for several days and not to tell family members. When the bag is finally opened, it is empty and the suspects are long gone. Hailan Lu, 53, Meizhan Pan, 57, and 61-year-old Rong Lin, have been charged with extortion and fraud. All three women remain in custody awaiting transportation back to Vancouver for a court appearance. Get more here.


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