Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Robber Takes Off His Mask When the Dunkin’ Donuts Clerk Ignores Him and His Gun

At least 34-year-old Stewart McNeal is terrible at crime, and he knows it. Stewart tried to rob a Dunkin’ Donuts last week.  He put on a mask, went inside, waited in line behind other customers, then pulled out a gun and demanded money when it was finally his turn. But the clerk must’ve been able to tell he wasn’t a good criminal, maybe the whole “waiting in line” thing was a tip off?  So the clerk ignored him and started helping another customer. But Stewart still wanted to get the guy’s attention.  Since the gun didn’t work, he pulled off his mask, which allowed the surveillance camera to get a clear shot of him. The clerk finally gave him some money, but the cops had his picture and started circulating it.  So Stewart turned himself in and admitted he, quote, “wasn’t very good at the robbery thing.” He’s been charged with robbery with a firearm. Get the full story here.

Guys Transporting Pot Accidentally Report Themselves to Police

Eastern Idaho police say two men transporting marijuana from California to Montana called 911 while in Idaho after mistakenly believing undercover officers had discovered their secret. But police in Rexburg say they weren’t aware of the drugs until the two men called on Friday to report their location and the 20 pounds of pot worth $16,000. The Idaho State Journal reports that police arrested 21-year-old Leland Ryan Kaimipono Ayala-Doliente and 22-year-old Craig Sward Holland. Hometowns weren’t available. The men are being held in the Madison County Jail and face charges of drug trafficking. Police Capt. Randy Lewis says police had no idea the two men had any marijuana until they alerted authorities. Get the full story here.


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