Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Drunk Man Enters Wrong House at 3AM and Takes a Shower

A 13-year-old Florida girl woke to the sound of someone showering in her house at 3:40am. Understandably confused, she got up to check on her sister, but she was sound asleep. Her mother has her own bathroom and wouldn’t use theirs. At this point she began to panic, and ran out of the house, she knocked on the neighbors door and they called 911. Police arrived and spoke with her mother, Sandra Gilbertsen, they told her that her daughter had called, and told her to check on her children, they were all safe. But they noticed the bathroom light was on and the shower was running. Sandra told deputies that no one should be in the shower. Police found Joshua Lee Noble, age 35, completely nude and sitting in the bathtub with the shower on, according to an arrest affidavit. Joshua started yelling “babe” and told officers he lived there. He said he and his wife were walking home from a bar, and somehow got separated. He said that he could not remember when or how he got in. Joshua was arrested and charged with Trespass to an Occupied Structure. Get more here.

Man Went from Open House to Open House Stealing Stuff

46-year-old Erik David Johnson, of Virginia went house hunting, he visited several open houses while pretending to be a potential buyer. But Erik had no intention to buy any homes, Erik was looking to make a quick buck! He has attended several real estate open houses since August or last year. But it was all part of a elaborate ruse, he gave false information, toured the homes and proceeded to steal anything he could pocket: jewelry, prescription medication and electronics. He then tried to pawn the items, but by this time, the police were on to him. You see, the homeowners all reported the thefts and it didn’t take police long to figure it out. He was arrested and charged with four counts of burglary and four counts of larceny. Get more here.

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