Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Taco Bell Burrito and a Fork Become Weapons When a Couple Starts Fighting

You know the cliché that “any publicity is good publicity”? I wonder if Taco Bell will feel that way about this story. 51-year-old Suzanne Hurlvert of Crestview, Florida, and her 66-year-old husband Carl Smith were eating some Taco Bell together at home on Tuesday. She was having a Burrito Supreme, he was eating a Mexican Pizza. Who says romance is dead? But, they started arguing about his drinking. It escalated, and Suzanne wound up hitting him in the back of the head with her burrito. He responded by stabbing her in the hand with his fork. Apparently he was using a real fork, not one of those plastic sporks Taco Bell gives you. It got stuck so deep in her hand that she had to go to the hospital to have doctors remove it. For some reason both of them were arrested for felony battery. Lets weight a fork against a burrito, doesn’t exactly seem like a fair comparison. Get more here.


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