Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Threatens In-N-Out Workers, Steals Cop Car & Leads Them on 8 Mile Chase

People at the In-N-Out burger in Pasadena, CA got a very unpleasant side of crazy with their burgers. 52-year-old Joel Sota had blocked the In-N-Out drive thru and was threatening to shoot people. He assaulted three employees before police arrived. No one knows why, but we assume drugs were involved. When police arrived, Joel somehow managed to jumped into one of their idling cruisers and drove away. They pursued Joel for 8 miles, before stopping him with a pit maneuver. But that’s not where it ends, Joel then got out and climbed on top of the cruiser. Police had to tase Joel to get him down. He was taken to the hospital, but had no injuries. He’s now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, grand theft auto, criminal threats, felony evading, and felony vandalism. Get more here.

A Burger King Driver Fell Asleep, and Someone Stole 33 Cases of Whoppers

I mean, I hate to accuse someone of a crime without proof, but it really sounds like McDonald’s sent the Hamburglar to do this. A Burger King truck driver was making a delivery to a distribution center in Warren, Michigan last week, but he got there in the middle of the night and had to wait in his truck. So he took a little nap. When he woke up around 8:30 A.M., he realized someone had broken into his truck and stolen 33 cases of Whoppers. Burger King didn’t say how many Whoppers are in each case, but we’re thinking it’s got to be hundreds. The cops are trying to track down the thieves. Get more here.


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