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Woman jumping off the bridge

A Guy’s Girlfriend and His Ex Both Jumped Into a River to See Who He’d Rescue

21-year-old Wu Hsia of Ningbo, China broke up with his 20-year-old girlfriend Jun Tang a few months ago.  Now he’s dating 22-year-old Rong Tsao. But Jun was not over him, and she’s been harassing Rong.  So earlier this week, Wu had them both meet him at a park to get them to stop fighting. But when they got there, the ex seriously escalated things.  She jumped into a river to see if Wu would save her.  Rong wasn’t going to let her get away with a stunt like that, so she jumped too, and made Wu pick who he was going to rescue. Naturally, he picked his current girlfriend.  Then he called his brother to come save his ex. But it wasn’t all positive for Rong, she hurt herself when she jumped and had to go to the hospital. Get the full story here.

Five Teenage Girls Stole a Dairy Queen Tip Jar, Then Bragged About it on Snapchat

A Dairy Queen in Detroit held a customer appreciation day on Monday, and gave out free ice cream cones to celebrate their 75th anniversary. But five teenage girls weren’t satisfied with just free ice cream, so they decided to steal the employees’ tip jar too. It’s not clear how much money they stole, but they hopped in their car and took off. Luckily like all teenagers, they’re addicted to social media.  Once they were in the car, they recorded a Snapchat video where they’re all laughing, and sent it to all their friends, with the caption, “Robbed Dairy Queen tip jar.” It showed their faces, so one of the people who got the message used an app to record the video, and sent it to the local news.  As of yesterday, police were still tracking them down, but they also have their license plate number, so it’s just a matter of time. By the way, a bunch of local firefighters chipped in to replace the tips, so the employees didn’t go home empty handed. Get the full story here.



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