Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Thief Ditches Stolen Raw Steaks During High-Speed Chase

This could only happen in Texas, a fella stole a lot of raw meat from a Longview Walmart, specifically USDA Choice Beef Steaks. Employees saw the theft and called police as the perpetrator was driving away. Police caught up with the vehicle and tried to pull him over, but he wasn’t having it. He speed up and lead the police on a chase across two counties reaching speeds of 100 mph. Finally the guy realized the jig was up and started ditching the stolen steaks… throwing the raw meat out the windows of his vehicle. One of the steaks actually hit an officers vehicle. He pulled over and was arrested without further incident. No word on what he was planning to do with the steaks, who would by raw meat on the street? Maybe he was hosting a really big BBQ? Who knows. Get more here. – Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News

School Bus Driver Told Student to Move Live Powerline

A school bus driver in Penn Township PA has been fired after having a student move a downed power line with his bare hands. A goose had flown into the line and knocked it loose, she didn’t want to drive over or around it, so she asked a student to get out of the bus and move the live power line. Any adult should know you don’t so much as approach a downed line, Patricia Ryan must have missed electricity 101. The boy was badly burned on his hand, but miraculously, he was not otherwise injured. Patricia said that she “never intended to hurt anyone” but her ignorance doesn’t excuse the actions that could have killed the child. Get more here.

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