Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Steals a Bagel Truck, Leads Police on 3 County Chase

When that carb craving hits, there’s no telling what might happen. Ashley Goldson must have been really been jonesing for some bagels, because she decided to steal a truck full of them. The driver, Carlos Rivera, had gone into a convenience store when he noticed Ashley “(She jumped) into the seat of the passenger side, into the driver side, so I’m running outside the store trying to stop her and screaming, ‘Hey stop, you stole my truck,'” Police were called, and it wasn’t hard to find the bagel truck, but Ashley wasn’t stopping. She led them on a three county chase, and was eventually stopped by a police maneuver. She was arrested for grand theft, but it doesn’t end there. While booking her into jail, police found marijuana in her bra, so they added possession and contraband charges, too. Get more here.

A Father Tried to Avoid Jail by Having His Son Shoot Him in the Legs

A 41-year-old guy in Oregon named Shannon Egeland got sentenced to ten years in prison for mortgage fraud in 2014. But the day before he was supposed to report to jail, he took a shotgun blast to the legs. He claimed it happened when he stopped to help a pregnant woman who broke down on the side of the road. Then someone hit him over the head and shot him. But the cops were suspicious, because he still had his wallet and they didn’t steal his car. It turned out he actually made his teenage son shoot him, so he could delay the jail sentence and collect an insurance policy he applied for a week earlier. He admitted to it in court on Wednesday, and pleaded guilty to wire fraud because of the insurance policy. So he’s facing an additional five years in jail now. And the shotgun blast did way more damage than he expected. He ended up with multiple fractures in one of his legs, almost bled out, and one of his feet had to be amputated. Get more here.


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