Stupid Is, Stupid Does

The Times Square ‘Free Hugs’ Guy Punched Woman for Not Tipping Him

Poor Canadians, they’re just too friendly, and this lady naively believed that Americans are, too. She learned her lesson the hard way when she went to Times Square. If you’ve ever been there, you know there are street perfomers, merchants, and promoters that will stop at nothing to get you to give them money. One of those street performers is known as the “free hugs” guy. Yeah, that’s his whole gig, he stands in Times Square with a sign that says “Free Hugs.” But apparently they aren’t free because this sweet Canadian tourist went in for her “free hug” thanked the man and started walking away. That’s when the guy started harrassing her for not tipping him, an argument ensued. The sign says free bro, so don’t expect any money. When she refused to tip him, he hauled off and punched her in the face. Surrounded by witnesses, and with police nearby, he ran. They obviously caught him, he’s been arrested on charges of attempted robbery and fraudulent accosting. He has a track record, too, he’s been arrested a staggering 14 times, many for assaulting women. Get more here.

Man Asked to Use Neighbors Phone, Pushes her Down and Steals her Cane

43-year-old Ramel Thomas needed to make a call, and apparently he doesn’t have a cell phone. So he knocked on his 72-year-old neighbors door and asked to use her phone. Being a good neighbor, she said yes and let him in. But instead of making his call Ramel started taking his clothes off, then he plopped himself down on her couch, naked. The woman was a lot nicer than she should have been because instead of calling police she convince him to put his clothes on and leave. While she was walking Ramel back to the door, he decided he’d grab her cane, push her against the wall and walk off, cane in hand. At that point, she called police, they found and arrested Ramel. He’s being charged with robbery, and his bond is set at $50,000. Get more here.

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