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A New, Better “Ghostbusters” Trailer Was Released Yesterday, But Not to YouTube

A new “Ghostbusters” trailer was released yesterday, and it’s way better than the first one. It’s a little funnier, and a lot more action-packed. It even has Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in it. Sony is probably kicking itself for not making the first trailer more like this. Remember how that first one became the most hated movie trailer in YouTube history? Well, Sony decided to bypass YouTube altogether, and release the new trailer only on Facebook and Twitter. They’ll post it on YouTube later. Get more here.

“Saved By the Bell” Reunion: Mario Lopez Interviewed Screech for “Extra”

There was a “Saved by the Bell” reunion of sorts yesterday, when Mario Lopez interviewed Dustin “Screech” Diamond for “Extra”. It was Dustin’s first interview since he served time for stabbing a guy in a Wisconsin bar. Did I say “stabbed”? Because Dustin told Mario that’s not how it went down. He said he was in the bar with his fiancée Amanda, when a group of people came up and wanted to take pictures with him. Somehow, things got out of control, and a woman punched Amanda and bloodied her face. Then a guy grabbed Amanda by the hair. So Dustin pulled out his pocket knife, and the guy backed off.

But someone came from behind and tried to grab him, and nicked his arm on the blade. Dustin said, quote, “It was a Band-Aid, the most expensive Band-Aid I’ve ever bought.” As for his time behind bars, he said, quote, “I found that as long as you follow the rules and stay with the system, it works. You can get in and out unscathed.”

Then there’s Dustin’s tell-all book, “Behind the Bell” the thing that he said did “the most damage” to his reputation. Mario said, quote, “The book didn’t exactly paint a flattering picture of your fellow cast mates.” And Dustin blamed it all on a ghostwriter. He said he wanted to write a book about his life, and he was supposed to talk to the ghostwriter for 40 hours. They only talked for 90 minutes, and then in two weeks, the guy sent him the finished book, and a lot of it was fabricated.  He said he hasn’t talked to his other co-stars in ages, and, quote, “I’m hoping this will clear it up.”

As for what the future holds for Screech, he wants to marry Amanda, have kids, and re-start his acting career. He said, quote, “I want to put the tomfoolery and malarkey behind me, for that clean slate. Time for a change.” Get more here.

Naomi Judd Wants to Quit ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Because She’s “Above” the Other Contestants

Naomi Judd recently signed on to the new – to America, show ‘My Kitchen Rules’. The show is comprised of celebrity contestants split into two teams, they cook meals at their feed the judges and the competing team. The two lowest scoring are eliminated, the final two face off for the prize, we don’t know what that prize is yet. However, now, Naomi wants out. The reason? She’s too good for the other contestants. The other contestants are Andrew Dice Clay and his wife, Dean Sheremet, Ray J, Brandi, and Lance Bass and his mom Diane. She said Brandi is “one of those tawdry Housewives” and Ray J is a “Bad boy” and these aren’t people she would “choose to socialize with.” Too bad so sad Naomi, you already signed the contract. She has since backpedaled saying she wasn’t “judging” but it’s probably too little too late. Now she has to compete with all the people she just insulted. That should be fun to watch! Get more here.

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