Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Broke Into a Crossfit Instructor & Boxing Champion’s Home

28-year-old Albert Thompson of Santa Rosa Florida, was going a’robbin’! Under the cover of darkness, Al picked a home that was easy to get into, and began rifling through the homeowners things. The homeowner is a light sleeper, and she woke up. Here’s where Al should have ran, because the woman who owns this home is a bit of a badass; She’s a former boxing champ, and a crossfit instructor. She took him down and held him until police arrived. Then Al decided it would be a good time to lie to the cops and provided a fake name. So now he’s facing  charges of felony burglary of an occupied dwelling, misdemeanor petit theft, and obstruction by a disguised person. Get more here.

A 73-Year-Old Tried to Pay His Car Loan with Meth

Louis Fueque Kent of Texas, was having a hard time scraping together enough cash to pay his car payment. But he did have something else of value. Louis pulled into the bank drive through and deposited all the cash he had, and a special valuable treasure! He closed the tube and sent it on it’s magical journey to the teller. However, this teller wasn’t impressed with Louis’s payment. You see, the bank cannot accept meth as a form of payment. He’s been charged with possession of a controlled substance, and he’ll probably have his car repossessed. Get more here.

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