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Drake’s Memorial Day Party Was Outta Control

Drake being Drake it was only logical for him to throw a massive Memorial Day blowout! What better way to celebrate our fallen soldiers? Well things got a little rowdy, it seems that busload after busload of women were arriving at Drake’s estate. Well the girls were drinking and some fights broke out. All the neighbors called police, and filed noise complaints. When they arrived things seemed calm, so they didn’t bust up the party. But video of the skirmishes have surfaced:

TMZ says paramedics showed up, but it’s not known if they actually treated anybody. Get more here.

Gina Rodriguez Will Continue to Loan Out Her Golden Globes Dress

Remember the twitter exchange between Gina Rodriguez and a fan? This one:

Well Gina followed through! Last week Jessica Casanova wore Gina’s dress to prom!

After the prom Jessica will return the dress to Gina, so she can loan it out to other fans. Get more here.

New Museum of Comedy Will Feature a George Carlin Hologram

Kliph Nesteroff is a comedy historian, we didn’t know that was a thing, but it is! And now he’s a museum curator bringing us the museum we didn’t know we needed: A museum of comedy. Now that the idea is planted in out heads, we’re stoked! How did it take this long? The museum will be in Jamestown, NY, the birthplace of comedy legend Lucille Ball. Best of all, they plan on having George Carlin perform, as a hologram. We’ve had mixed results with the whole hologram thing, but this sounds awesome. You’ll have to wait though, the museum won’t be opening until sometime in 2017.Get more here.

Michael Jace from “The Shield” Was Found Guilty of Murdering His Wife

Michael Jace from the TV show “The Shield” was found guilty yesterday of second-degree murder for shooting and killing his wife in 2014. He’ll be sentenced on June 10th, and he faces 40 years to life. He’s 53. Jace was upset that his wife April wanted a divorce, and was suspicious she was having an affair. They have two young kids who were home when the shooting occurred. They were taken in by relatives. Jace played Detective Julien Lowe on “The Shield”, a police drama set in Los Angeles. It ran on FX from 2002 to 2008. Get more here.

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