Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Couple Arrested for ‘Naked Meth-Fueled Antics’

45-Year-Old Kimberly Shields has a good job at a car dealership. Kim also really likes Meth, and that’s what cost her her good job, and her freedom. You see, Kim came to work around noon, high as a kite, so she locked herself in the bathroom, striped naked, and refused to come out. Her concerned co-workers called 911, and someone else called Kim’s husband David. Police arrived and were able to get Kim to come out, they placed her under arrest without issue. But that’s when David showed up, he flipped out and tried to stop police from arresting Kim. That lead to him being arrested too! Kim is being charged with possession of methamphetamine and being criminally under the influence. David is being charged with obstruction. Get more here.

Woman Leave Her $30k Ring in Neiman Marcus Bathroom, Man Tries to Steal It

31-Year-Old Michelle Prager was doing a little shopping with her sister in law, when they made a trip to the restroom. Thankfully for all of us, Michelle is a clean person and washed her hands. But she took off her gigantic wedding ring and set it on the sink while she was washing. Then they walked out of the bathroom and headed to their cars. Just a few moments later Michelle noticed her ring was gone, and understandably panicked a little. She knew it was in the bathroom, so she went back, but it was gone. Security at the store had surveillance cameras and only one man had been in the bathroom after her. Michelle and the security team confronted the man, who said he didn’t see any ring, he was visibly nervous, and shaking. So she whipped out her phone and called 911. Before police came, he admitted it and surrendered the ring. Police arrived and arrested the man, because of the value of the ring, he’s facing grand theft charges. Michelle will probably keep her ring on while washing her hands, water won’t hurt those diamonds. Get more here.


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