Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Man Leads Police on Chase Because He Didn’t Wear His Seat-belt

25-year-old Elliott Hanson isn’t very bright. He’s a fugitive on the lamb, he’s a known criminal, who recently violated his parole. So you’d think that he would try to keep a low profile. Instead Elliott was cruising around in his Cadillac without a seat-belt on, when police saw that Elliott was unrestrained, they initiated a traffic stop. Obviously Elliott freaked out, floored it and tried to lose the cop. Elliott then made a turn down 600 S going the wrong way, police attempted to box him in, but that didn’t work. He rammed vehicles over and over, and eventually ran over a police motorcycle while escaping. Thankfully the officer wasn’t injured. Elliot sped away and ended up at the Triad Center, where he attempted to ram though the gate. When that didn’t work, Elliott and his female passenger took off on foot. They ended up jumping onto a Trax Train, police saw them and were able to catch up with them at the 900 South stop. The woman was arrested, and Elliott ran, police eventually found him hiding in a shed in a neighboring back yard. Police say “His criminal history is extensive” and now he’s facing charges of aggravated assault of a peace officer, fleeing arrest and a number of other serious criminal offenses. If he had just worn his seat-belt, all of this could have been avoided. Get more here.

A Drunk Woman Dined-and-Dashed and Left Her 10-Year-Old Behind

A 33-year-old woman in Canada was at a restaurant with her 29-year-old brother on Tuesday, and they tried to walk out on a $135 bill. Their names haven’t been released, but apparently they had dinner and were drinking pretty heavily. But the whole dine-and-dash thing didn’t work out so well, because the cops managed to track them down nearby and arrested them. And they probably would have had to go back to the restaurant anyway, because the woman’s 10-year-old daughter was eating with them too, and they left her there. Apparently they forgot her? Maybe they were hammered, or maybe the daughter just wasn’t down with their idiotic plan. It’s not clear. The mom and her brother are both facing fraud charges for walking out on the bill, and they’re due in court next month. And the woman’s daughter is currently staying with child protective services. Get more here.

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