Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Robbed a Chuck E Cheese During a Job Interview

Police haven’t released this guy’s name, but lets just call him Stupid Stupidson. Mr Stupidson went to a Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday to request a job application. He filled it out, and turned it in, and just hours later was granted an interveiw. So he returned to the Cheese for his interveiw. So far, so good, the guy scored an interview the very day he applied! That’s great! What’s no so great is that when Mr Stupidson arrived for his interview, he decided to rob the place instead. During the interview he told the manager he was going to rob them, and claimed he had a gun. The manager informed Stupidson that he didn’t have access to the safe and demanded that he leave. And he did leave, he also left his application with the restaurant. Yeah, that little piece of paper with all his personal information on it, down to his social. Police are searching for him, and it probably won’t take long. Get more here.

A Man Dumped Feces In A Community Pool Because He Was Evicted

Straight from the “Only in Florida” book – 54-year-old Thomas Lee Mason was evicted from the trailer park he lived in, in Clearwater. Being evicted isn’t fun, losing your home is really unfortunate. However, this is not the way to react. Thomas was so mad about the eviction that he showed up at the community pool with a bucket. In that Bucket was human waste, and he proceeded to dump the bucket into the pool. As we all know, you can become very, very, ill – small children can even die – from swimming in tainted water. It will cost the community over $300 to have the pool cleaned, disinfected, and brought up to health code. Thomas was arrested, and charged with criminal mischief. As it turns out, he has a long rap sheet. Get more here.

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