Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Swedish Man Swings Dead Badger Into Cars At a Fast Food Restaurant

We’ve all been there, hitting up a fast food joint for a quick bite, only to have them get your order wrong. Sane people either eat the food anyway or return it and get the right order. But insane people like this guy, bring a dead badger into the restaurant. The employees demanded that he leave, so he left the restaurant, but not the property. Instead he went to the parking lot, started swinging the poor deceased badger around by it’s tail, and wacking it into cars. Police arrived shortly after and told the man to leave, he was not arrested, despite the fact that he had damaged many vehicles. Get more here.

Woman Steals a Man’s Pet Cockatoo & His Dinner

A man in Detriot claims he came home to find a woman he knows stealing his pet cockatoo. The woman was in her car leaving the home when the man noticed she had his bird in her car. He attempeted to pull the cage out of the woman’s car, and she backed over his foot and took off. Then it gets worse, the poor guy limped into his home to find that his dinner, a delicous roast, had been stolen as well. The man called police, and filed a report. He declined medical attention, so far no arrests have been made. Get more here.

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