Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Arrested for “Stealing” 3 Fries From a Police Officer

It’s considered impolite to eat off of another person’s plate without permission, but no one’s ever been arrested for eating a couple fries, right? Wrong. A woman was arrested in a Washington D.C. restaurant for doing just that. A police officer was having lunch when some ladies came over to his table and struck up a conversation. During which, one woman snatched a french fry and continued talking. The officer didn’t say anything, but then she took another fry. At this point, the officer told the woman not to take any more or he’d arrest her. She thought he was joking, so she said “Well then you might as well take me to jail” and ate another fry. That’s when the officer stood up and cuffed the woman. She was charged with second-degree theft. The police report listed the stolen item as “French Fried Potato… Quantity 3.” Get more here.

A Guy Leads the Cops on a 100 Mile-an-Hour Chase and Blames It on God

I’ve never spoken to God personally, but I’m pretty sure if I ever do, he’s not going to give me advice like he’s Will Ferrell in “Talladega Nights”. A 20-year-old guy named Dylan Thompson from Ball, Louisiana got into a high-speed chase with the cops on Friday night. He wound up going over 100 miles-an-hour for 10 miles before he lost control and swerved off the road. He got out of his truck and ran into the woods, but the cops caught him pretty quickly. And when they asked him why he was speeding, he told them God told him to drive fast. He was hit with several charges including speeding, aggravated flight from an officer, and criminal damage to property. God was not charged as an accomplice. Get more here.

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